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Best in Show

could anyone tell me who won best (nb) in show at Crick this year, I was unable to attend and cannot find the information anywhere

Asked by: Richard Cracknell  | 11.30am, Friday 13 June

WW says:


Due to the closure of the show on Monday, as far as I know there was going to be a "top 4 " list instead, as it was not thought fair that people hadn't been able to vote.

As for what the "top 4" was, I am not sure! I haven't seen a press release!

Sorry that I can't be more help! Richard Fairhurst or Graham Booth might provide a reply.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 1.06PM, Friday 13 June

I think it would have been quite a close-run thing this year anyway. Of all the boats I reviewed for WW, several could easily have walked off with the prize!

We haven't mentioned anything about the top 4 in the Crick Review (out next Thursday!), so if they have announced it, then it missed our publication deadlines. I will give the organisers a call and/or Collidges to see what happened!

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 1.59PM, Friday 13 June

Readers say:

Thanks for that,Mark, I'd also heard about the'top 4'idea, but like you haven't seen anything published. I hope this topic isn't all 'washed out' as it were, maybe Richard Or Graham can help


I thought last year's winner looked stunning.

Richard Cracknell  | 1.21PM, Friday 13 June

Thanks for that, Mark,it would be nice to know


Richard Cracknell  | 2.49PM, Friday 13 June

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