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Battery boxs

I intend to alter the battery arrangement on my 42 ft narrow boat.
Currently it has two batteries in one box .
My new layout will consist of three leisure batteries and one starter battery.
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy a purpose made boxes for (4 batts)such a layout (website please ) or will i have to make my own battery box

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 11.26am, Saturday 21 November

WW says:

Hi Edward
i have a design for a simple battery box which hold three batteries and slides out from beneath a side deck if required. I can send you some photos and details if we can work out how to do it!

Mike Jordan  | 9.27AM, Saturday 5 December

Readers say:

Recently began fitting out as a new boat owner, had great difficulty finding suitable battery boxes, so made my own out of moisture resistant ply.
3/4 inch baseboard, shaped to fit, batteries matched into pairs and suitable size half height 'boxes' assembled and securely fixed to baseboard. Rachet straps to hold the batteries in place in their boxes and the whole assembly well protected with paint.
Where the available points were, the unit was bolted down.
The surveyor helping me with this project was quite impressed.

ken Griffiths  | 7.58PM, Thursday 26 November

i cant get into the site to ask a question i can log in ok but when i go to the Q/A section i appear to be logged out and it tells me to log in sending me in a never ending circle

edward Connolly  | 8.48PM, Monday 23 August

I have a battery isolator fitted now with a dedicated engine battery and two leisure batteries.
All was working ok when my batts were fully charged at home.
How ever after leaving them for over three weeks the new shorline fridge starts to cut out indicating low volts (10.57v) in the afternoon even after running the engine for three hours it gives up the ghost by early evening but will run ok if i fire up the engine.
The only other 12v gear is flourscent lights and the water pump. the two lesure batts are 110amh each.
Any one got any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix it
the engine starter batt isfine starts every time

edward Connolly  | 8.54PM, Monday 23 August

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