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Narrowboat battery charging

I have 1 starter battery and 3 110 amp leisures. I want to charge my lesure batteries when hooked up to 240v what are my options please?

Asked by: J Morton  | 5.38pm, Wednesday 25 November

WW says:

The best way to charge your batteries is to install a multi-stage battery charger. This will charge at a high rate (called the bulk stage) for a short while before dropping to a lower level (the absorption stage) to allow the battery to accept more charge. When the battery is fully charged, it drops to a 'float stage' to keep it topped up and to prevent sulphation over a period of time. It will charge both the leisure batteries and the starter battery so you should be able to start the engine more easily.
The text book recommended size of charger is between 25% and 45% of the capacity of the battery banks in amp/hours. In your case, this would result in a charger of about 120 amps which is quite large. I have a very similarly sized battery bank on my own boat and find that the 30 amp charger works very well.
Since the charger uses a 230-volt supply, it should be fitted with all the necessary safety devices like circuit breakers and isolation switches, as well as a galvanic isolator or isolation transformer to prevent possible hull corrosion. Unless you are full competent to do this, you would be well advised to call in a professional

Graham Booth  | 4.06PM, Friday 27 November

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