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A lot of articles have been written about residue coming from chimneys during burning. A simple answer is to carefully cut a square of kitchen foil, cut out a hole the same size as your chimney, then place at the base of the chimney. Then simply wrap kitchen foil around the base of the chimney. This will form a seal, any residue leaking from the foil will simply land on the sheet underneath. Cost 99p for a 3 metre length

Asked by: Peter Ponting  | 11.01am, Thursday 26 November

Readers say:

We have a double skin chimney but still had the same problem. This is what we have done and it seems to have worked. Scrunch up and push some kitchen foil into the space between the two skins so that it is level with the bottom of the chimney. Then replace the chimney and push it hard down onto the collar. This forms the foil into the same shape as the collar. Carefully remove the chimney and spread a layer of plumba-flue or any heat-proof silicon over the foil. When this has gone off the silicon forms a seal with the collar and ensures any tarry deposits find their way back down the flue and not on the roof. We've been uing this for a couple of months now and it has worked well.

David Brown  | 4.25PM, Saturday 5 December

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