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linning a GRP roof with timber

I intend to remove the old carpet which the previous owner had put on and replace with a timber lining. Can any one suggest the best method for securing pads to the roof of a GRP surface. These can the have the battons secured to them.

Asked by: Peter Stokes-Chapman  | 3.30pm, Tuesday 8 December

WW says:

One way would be to drill countersunk holes in the roof and screw the pads from the outside. The screw tops could then be covered with gel coat. However, I would not recommend this as it would be very difficult to ensure that the screw tops were properly covered so that no water could get in. Also, unless you are very skilled at applying gel coat, the patches would show up on the roof and look unsightly.
Discounting that method, the best way would seem to be to stick the pads to the ceiling. There are many 'No more nails' type adhesives on the market that should do the job. You must ensure that the inner surface of the roof is completely clean to give the adhesive the best chance of working. A few experiments with various adhesives and cleaning methods should tell you which is the best.
Since it is likely that there will be a gap between the underside of the roof and the lining, you could fill it with some insulation which would help to reduce condensation and keep the boat much warmer than the old carpet lining. Fire retardant expanded polystyrene is probably the easiest and cheapest type but you should ensure that it does not come into direct contact with any existing wiring,

Graham Booth  | 10.40AM, Wednesday 9 December

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