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I am thinking of putting a generator in a sound proof housing in a engine bay of a widebeam (cruiser stern type) and have been told that it will get to hot.Has anyone got thoughts on this

Asked by: mick turner  | 4.35pm, Friday 11 December

WW says:

It really depends on the type of generator you are adding to the boat. If it is a properly installed, DIESEL marine generator, then it will come with a cocoon, which has the ducts needed to supply with with both air for combustion, and air for cooling.
If the generator is water cooled, then you will have to provide fittings, either for raw water or keel cooling. Air cooled generators need much more careful ducting- and if you install one within an engine room, when the generator was not designed to do so, then it will quite likely overheat.
Be aware that, when installing fixed generators, that you need to adhere to Boat Safety Scheme requirements, and also the output will need to pass through an appropriate system. Many generators sold are not appropriate for use in an enclosed engine space.
Under NO circumstances, attempt to fit a petrol or LPG generator (portable or fixed) in the engine bay of a boat that has a diesel engine, unless the generator is in its own properly ventilated and drained space, as per BSS requirements.

Mark Langley  | 9.41PM, Monday 4 January

Readers say:

forced air using ducting i.e b&q bathroom extraction kit for extraction duct to out side of boat use ducting to inlet air from cool air source may need to add sound proofing to ducting pipework

michael evardson  | 2.53PM, Sunday 13 December

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