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water pump

The water pump on my boat does not run smoothly. It runs on and off when the tap is turned on. Do you know what the problem could be. A new pump and accumulator have recently been fitted but this has not solved the problem. Can you help. Many thanks

Asked by: robbie   | 2.55pm, Monday 14 December

WW says:

It could be that the accumulator is set at the wrong pressure. It should be at the same pressure as the pressure switch on the pump which is normally about 15 to 20 psi.
You can test the pressure using a tyre pressure gauge on the valve in the accumulator. This should be done with the water pump switched off and one tap open so that there is no pressure in the system. If the pressure is too high, release the valve slightly. If it is too low, pump it up using a foot pump. When you think it is about right, switch on the pump and try opening a tap.
About a pint of water should come out of the tap before the pump cuts in. The pump should continue to run for a few seconds after the tap is closed. You can fine tune the system by adding or releasing small amounts of pressure until this happens.

Graham Booth  | 6.30PM, Monday 14 December

Readers say:

thank,s your advice was spot on.the accumulator was set to 40psi. far to high.

robbie   | 11.38PM, Wednesday 27 January

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