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How to extend the life of domestic batteries

As a matter of routine I isolate all the boat batteries when leaving it on its home mooring. I have been told that I should leave on trickle charge through the Inverter/Charger to preserve the life of the batteries, is this correct, what do you advise?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | 5.08pm, Thursday 17 December

WW says:

Isolating the batteries is a good idea because it limits the amount they discharge while the boat is not being used. Batteries that are not fully charged suffer from sulphation in which the plates become coated with sulphate. This is sometimes removed when the battery is next charged but, over time, it builds up and prevents the battery recharging fully - the classic vicious circle.
If you have access to 230-volt power at your mooring, fit a three-stage marine charger and leave it connected to the batteries. This will charge them fully and then hold them at about 13.4 volts which will prevent sulphation and prolong their life. Batteries kept in this way can last for ten years or more.

Graham Booth  | 3.20PM, Saturday 19 December

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