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oil v lpg central heating

I am looking at renewing my old LPG boiler. Does anybody know which fuel is cheaper to run - oil / LPG?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | 7.26pm, Monday 21 December

WW says:

This is a difficult one as there are so many variables.
Assuming that your old gas boiler is an Alde Comfort (the tall one), it will probably not be as cheap to run as a diesel fired boiler like the Eberspacher provided you can buy diesel oil at the lower rate of duty. However, this difference may not be worth worrying about if you use the boat for recreation, but will be more significant if you live aboard.
Then there is the cost of installing the new boiler to consider. New diesel fired boilers are quite expensive to buy and will need possibly costly modifications to the pipework. Maintenance on these units is also not cheap and may be needed more often than you think. They also use more electricity to run them so your electrical system might need to be upgraded.
On the other hand, Alde can supply a new burner unit and pump for around £400 to £450 that will give you a virtually new boiler without the need for possibly expensive installation work.
The new Alde Compact is more efficient than the Comfort but, being a different shape, the pipework would have to be modified. You would also have to swap your copper calorifier for a stainless steel one to avoid internal corrosion.
So, if you live aboard and have access to a supply of cheap, clean diesel oil, it may be worth switching to a diesel fired boiler. If you use the boat for occasional recreational trips, refurbishing the existing gas boiler may be cheaper in the long run.

Graham Booth  | 12.30PM, Wednesday 30 December

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