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1.5 BMC engine PRM gearbox

When going from tickover to ahead what can only be described as a 'clatter' seems to come from the gearbox which disappears as more power is applied. This also occurs in reverse. I have no oil loss from either engine or gearbox, both are at maximum. Any ideas of the cause?

Asked by: M.Greer  | 11.53am, Wednesday 23 December

WW says:

PRM gearboxes, the oil operated ones (PRM Delta, 150, etc) can sometimes chatter at near tickover. This can be overcome by either fitting a different drive plate (expensive and time consuming) or Newage offer a system which evens out the pressure pulses, which can cause the chatter.
These look like "bedknobs" and can be fitted to several of the boxes- but contact Newage directly through www.prm-marine.com.
Another point worth exploring- what is the idle speed of the engine? If it is too low, then this can contribute to clatter- download an appropriate handbook from Calcutt Boats. Worth checking the alignment of the engine and shaft as well, while you are there.mi

Mark Langley  | 9.31PM, Monday 4 January

Readers say:

Thanks for that,tickover maybe a bit slow only 500 rpm on a very old mechanical tacho.

M.Greer  | 11.27AM, Wednesday 13 January

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