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Make of battery charger

I can not find an old article (in WW mag) about 5-6 months ago where a type and make of battery charger was recomended for keeping all batteries charged at correct level. It included automatic cut-off and would then re-charge as batteries depleted. It is used when hooked up to a shoreline. To be a bit clearer, my need is to keep the batteries in good condition over winter when the boat is not used very much,hope you can help.

Asked by: Geoff Tomblin  | 3.34pm, Tuesday 29 December

WW says:

In the August issue, our 'Boating on a budget' feature briefly touched on battery chargers, and mentioned the C-Tek range. Is this the one you're thinking of?

Richard Fairhurst  | 4.10PM, Monday 4 January

WW says:

I don't recall the article you mention but virtually any 3- or 4-stage marine battery charger should do the job. For your purpose, a 20 or 30 amp model would keep them at around 13.4-volts and ensure that they are raring to go in the spring.
The charger should be permanently installed and fitted with the appropriate master switch and circuit breakers. A galvanic isolator is also a good investment if you do not have 230-volts on the boat already. If you do not feel competent to fit these, you should employ a professional.

Graham Booth  | 11.38AM, Wednesday 30 December

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