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Cruise guides - where can I get one

In his highly informative article 'No crew? No problem', Peter Fellows' advises having a cruising guide to hand. I am new to the River Ouse (Yorks} and am keen to know where I can get one for this river.

Asked by: Glenn Green  | 12.23pm, Sunday 3 January

WW says:

You're spoilt for choice on the Yorkshire Ouse. The Boating Association produces a chart of the river from York to Trent Falls (i.e. the tidal section and a short way upstream). The Ripon Motor Boat Club also produces a detailed chart (see http://www.rmbc.org.uk/cruisingguide.html).
Plus there's the usual Nicholsons Guide - the volume covering the Ouse is "Nottingham & the North-East Waterways", available from https://www.iwashop.com/ecommerce/products.asp?cat=220 .

Richard Fairhurst  | 4.09PM, Monday 4 January

Readers say:

That's great. Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is appreciated.

Glenn Green  | 8.21PM, Monday 4 January

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