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Is there a chance that you might include a DIY project to replace a window with a pair of side doors on a narrow boat. Have I seen a mention of a DIY replacement on offer?

Asked by: Nigel James  | 1.45pm, Wednesday 13 January

WW says:

We may be able to include this in the future although there are no immediate plans.
In the meantime, you might be interested to know that Kedian Engineeering produces ready-made side door sets that can be installed in place of an existing window. The doors have a flange around the edge that will fit into a standard window opening and are claimed to be fully waterproof. They are supplied ready to paint in your boat--s livery.
Alternatively, you might prefer to retain all the windows or portholes and add a pair of side doors. For this, Kedian supplies sets of doors that can be fitted into an opening that has been cut in the cabin side with a jigsaw. The frame has reinforced edges to ensure that the structure is not weakened and pre-drilled holes to make it easier to install.
Kedian Engineering is based in Northamptonshire and the telephone number is 01604 511512.

Graham Booth  | 5.44PM, Thursday 14 January

Readers say:

Thanks Graham, nice to talk to you after having read your words for some years. You have given exactly the info I was looking for.
Thanks for an excellent Magazine.

Nigel James  | 6.20PM, Thursday 14 January

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