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Water pump problem

Hi I have a sureflo water pump on 50ft narrowboat. The pump has started to play up alittle. It dose not kick in as soon as you turn the tap on it can take anything from 2-15 mins.Can you please help as it's starting to drive us mad.

Asked by: Dean Richardson  | 11.31pm, Sunday 24 January

WW says:

Hi- sorry it has taken so long to get back to you!
The waterpump might be controlled by an integral prssure switch, or an external one (such as the common grey D switch fitted).
If it is the internat switch, then life the label covering the end, and you will find a screw. Try turning it anticlockwise half a turn, and see if that has an effect.
The external switch also has a screw to control the switching pressure.
Gentle shaking of the pump can also free air bubbles, which may affect the pressure switch. It is also worth checking that the voltage at the terminals of the pump (and external pressure switch, if fitted) are at 12.0V- if they are much lower than around 11.8V, then it might suggest that there is a wiring issue (voltage drop).
If that doesn't help, then I am afraid that it might be terminal- or take the pump to a chandler to have a look at.
Hope that helps- let us know!

Mark Langley  | 11.06AM, Wednesday 3 February

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