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DIY on a Boat

I cant help noticing that the DIY projects in the magazine are not really the sort of thing you can do yourself on a boat without access to a workshop. To many boaters the space required to store all the tools required for some projects would be better utilised storing important things needed for day to day living. We dont all have access to routers bench saw etc.

Asked by: Maffi  | 12.58pm, Monday 25 January

WW says:

I think that's a fair comment, but it's not really what we're trying to achieve with this series. There might well be a case for a separate series with smaller projects and maintenance tasks and I'll give it some thought!
We do try to vary the projects in the series (April's project, for example, will be a whole deal simpler than that in the Feb and March issues). But I wouldn't want to stop doing the complex ones completely just because not all our readers have the space for the tools.

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.09PM, Tuesday 26 January

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