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can u tell me what the best way to heat a wide beam is best type of heating the square footage is 592

Asked by: sindy  | 7.29pm, Friday 29 January

WW says:

There are several choices, and possibly a mix of heat sources might be a good idea. Some form of central heating, backed up by a stand-alone stove might be a good idea.
A solid fuel stove, or a drip-feed diesel stove, is an attractive addition to a boats saloon. They can also be fitted with a back boiler, depending on the model of stove, whioch, with careful planning, can be incorporated into either a seperate central heating system, or combined into a main heating system, to "top up" the heat output of the boiler.
For a boat of that size, a conventional gas-fired heater (such as the Alde Comfort or Compact boilers) having an output of around the 5 to 6KW, depending on fuel used (propane or butane) might struggle to cope in very cold conditions, and may require additional circulation pump to cope with a larger volume contained within the pipework and convectors ("radiators")
Diesel fired heaters come in a variety of types and heat outputs, and are probably more economical than heating from LPG gas.
Forced-air combustion heaters (such as Eberspacher, Mikuni and Webasto)can be efficient, but noisy (and taking more electricity than some units); some users report problems, but this is usually done to how they are installed.
Drip-feed units (like the Dutch range Kabola) are quieter, but not always so easily regulated- however, they come in a huge variety of styles.
Somewhere between the two, is the very efficient low-pressure burner unit, one of which is marketed by Calcutt Boats, called the Hurricane; this has had good reports from boaters who have had it fitted.
The level of insulation in your boat, the number of windows, amount of ventilation (and how it vents into the cabin) and how often the boat is used/occupied, determine how much heat is needed. Have a look at other, similar boats (on their websites) and chat to owners if you can, to ascertain what is right for you. Manufacturers are also very helpful in guiding you to the right product.

Mark Langley  | 11.02AM, Wednesday 3 February

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