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Frost damage in Paloma Water heater

Hi our relatives Paloma water heater has sustained some frost damamge during the severe cold spell. The hole is easily accessible so are there any quick and simple ways of repairing it?

Asked by: Sharron Watson  | 2.48pm, Friday 5 February

WW says:

As you are looking at a gas appliance, any work on it needs to be by an approved Gas Safe engineer. If you do the repairs yourself, and then a (dangerous) fault occurs, you would become liable for any incident.
As with any gas appliance, it is best left to a professional to repair.

Mark Langley  | 5.17PM, Tuesday 16 February

Readers say:

i used to have a paloma in my caravan which burst i repaired it by soldering it i was advised not to try and weld it as the pipeing is delicate i never had any problems and it never let me down again

Mike Phipps  | 7.12PM, Friday 5 February

Many thanks for your answers they're very much appreciated. As this heater is quite old I think we're going to take it out and fit a calorifier.

Sharron Watson  | 7.41PM, Tuesday 16 February

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