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Domestic water leakage.

I have recently noticed my water tank suddenly losing alot of water over a period of three days after being filled up. There is no leak between the stop tap and pump, and after isolating the tank by switching off the stop tap, there is no no leak from the tank, so I drew the conclusion it was a pipe work leak, but, however, when the pump was switched back on, it only runs when I actually put a tap on.
I get some water in the bilge, but it doesn't seem enough to have come from the tank considering how much it goes down. The boat is 55 feet long. Is it possible to have a leak on the pipe work without it triggering the pump? It is a 12 volt automatic ShurFlo pump. None of my taps are leaking, so I'm well baffled. Any suggestions?

Asked by: Sean  | 1.04pm, Saturday 6 February

WW says:

Hi Sean
Sounds interesting!Is the tank part of the boats shell or is it a separate item ?
If the tank level is going down but the bilge water isn't reflecting the same quantity,it can only be getting pumped out or be leaking direct to outside from an integral tank.
I have a number of ideas to suggest but need to know more about the tank.

Mike Jordan  | 6.14PM, Saturday 6 February

Hi Sean
Well done! not only have you found the fault, but it's a no cost solution.

Mike Jordan  | 2.34PM, Sunday 7 February

Readers say:

Thankyou Mike. I have no found what has been happening. I have a water heater tank under my bed with a pipe going through the bulk head into the engine compartment with a pressure tap on it that releases water into the canal when the tank hits a certain pressure. The tap has been doing it's job, but has not been switching itself back off, so when I've been at work, it must have been releasing the pressure, then just pumping out into the canal, thus emptying my tank, which explains the lack of water in my bilge! I only came across it doing this by accident yesterday afternoon. My water pump just started pumping for no reason whilst I was doing some routine maintenance and I heard water going into the canal! Thankyou for your response, but it seems the mystery has been solved, after turning the tap a number of times!

Sean  | 1.14PM, Sunday 7 February

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