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electrical quieries

i see adverts for tvs and travel sat which seem exspensive is it not possible to use say a normal say 22" flat screen tv and my hd skybox on a boat without a genni or bieng hooked up to a landline would an inverter not do the job

Asked by: Mike Phipps  | 5.01pm, Wednesday 10 February

Readers say:

as long as the correct sine wave it should be ok

gaz bee  | 6.50PM, Wednesday 10 February

thanks gaz i,m still a land lubber at the moment but trying to elimenate mike.certain problems thanks for the quick respomse

Mike Phipps  | 7.20PM, Wednesday 10 February

You will need to bear in mind that something like a 22" TV will use a lot of power. You're going to need a very good domestic battery bank for something like that. I have a 19" set which I bought from John Lewis (sadly now discontinued) and although it was supplied with a mains adaptor it was a 12v set so all I had to do was buy a regulated 12v power supply for it. Nothing much you can do about Sky HD, it has to be run on 240v which is why I have reluctantly stuck with ordinary Sky through a 12v box

Jenni McCalman  | 8.07PM, Wednesday 10 February

thanks jeni for your help i only commented on a 22" as thats my one in my kitchen 19 would of cause be ok when i used to caravan it was all 12 volt i was just amazed at the price difference in mags ect and of cause sat navs pity ive dumped my old skybox think i,ll have to pick up a second hand one at the carboot once again thanks for your advice mike.

Mike Phipps  | 10.35PM, Wednesday 10 February

we have a 20" flat screen tv and have a freesat box both up for hd and all runs ok as for power the more you use the more you run your engine and we only use a inverter for 240 volts, it will all be down to trial and error

mick turner  | 5.48PM, Thursday 11 February

thanks mick is your inverter a large kw 2.5 or 3.kw or smaller mike.

Mike Phipps  | 8.22PM, Thursday 11 February

mine is 3kw but if you check you tele you will find it is around 50watt so for a tele either will be enough

mick turner  | 4.08PM, Friday 12 February

I bought a camping 12 volt satelite system from Maplins for £90.00, it was a complete kit with dish, receiver and remote control and performed well last season. I agree it is hard to find 12 volt kit. Asda did have some 12 volt TV/DVD combinations before Christmas, I think they were 16 inch and 22 inch versions starting at £100.00

Tom Brady  | 12.21PM, Saturday 20 February

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