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Maximum dimensions on The Broads

I have enjoyed boating on The Broads and the recent article in WW but have been unable to discover the maximum recommended dimensions for the smaller cuts. E.g. both Catfield Dyke and Waxham new cut have signs warning that they are only suitable for smaller boats but was size is a smaller boat?

Asked by: Simon Barber  | 6.43pm, Friday 12 February

WW says:

It is often considered that a boat under 30ft is suitable for Waxham New cut and Catfield Dyke, however, I have been up them in bigger boats- 40ft- though turning can be an issue (though, if worse comes to the worse, you can always go out backwards!)
The maximum length for a boat (from the BA Byelaws) is 46ft, if it is a pleasure one, given some restraints.
If you are an experienced boater, then you will probably be able to get most Broads hire craft up both cuts (Waxham being the hardest to turn at the end)- however, posting to the Norfolk Broads Forum might elicit a response from local boaters (www.the-norfolk-broads.com)
Another alternative is to hire a dinghy with a cruiser (or use a tender, if your own boat) and then mudwieght on the nearby Broad, and row up the dykes! Very pleasant to do on a sunny afternoon!

Mark Langley  | 3.49PM, Monday 15 February

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