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can I use a desktop computer on board

Everyone talks about laptops on narrowboats but I am planning to live on board from January and wondered if I can still use my main computer?

Asked by: Mandy Wright  | 10.32am, Thursday 19 June

WW says:

Yes, you can, certainly - as long as you have a decent quality inverter, or a shoreline, to provide the 240v supply. I have an ageing desktop computer on our boat and it works perfectly.

Some lightweight desktop computers, such as Apple's Mac Mini, can even be configured to run off 12v if you're confident with electrics (or know someone who is!).

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.02AM, Thursday 19 June

Readers say:

In addition to good mains power, in order to use the Internet, you are likely to need wireless Internet access which is commonly available from all of the mobile phone network providers. There are several ways in which you can connect. I have written a guide to Internet use while Barging that appears on the DBA web site at:

www.barges.org/main.php?section=2151 which I think you will find useful.

David Heath  | 2.22PM, Thursday 7 August

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