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engine wont start

Went to start our boat today 1st time in 2 weeks and the engine turns over but wont fire Never had a problem before, seems plenty of life in Battery as tied for about 1 min 3times
checked fuel its ok
engine is a 2 cyl thornycroft (mitubshi) 1991
Any ideas what to try next

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | 8.16pm, Saturday 20 February

WW says:

When you are trying to start, is there any smoke coming out of the exhaust at all (small puffs as the engine tries to fire)? If not, if might require bleeding the fuel system to remove air. Another possiblilty is water in the injector lines (might be worth checking the fuel filter). Water (well, ice crystals) in the lines can block the fine injectors and pump- draining the pipework, warming it (by hand, if needs be) then repriming.
Also, compression might need to be checked, but it is unlikely that there would be a sudden loss of compression, if no previous problems.
As suggested by Mike, might be worth checking the heater plugs, though you would expect some form of action, even if the engine was cold and the heater plugs were not functioning (it might be possible that the circuit breaker on the engine block (or fuse) might have tripped.
Let us know how it goes!

Mark Langley  | 10.38PM, Saturday 20 February

Readers say:

hi jim don,t know if this will help i drive a 3.5 ton van for my buisness after the xmas break i went to my van which as always started first time after the glow light went out it turned over but would not start ithen turned it on and of three times each time waiting forn the glow light to go out then at the 4th time i then started it it just about started i then reo placed the heater plugs and it now starts instantly i usually change my heater plugs every 2 years and this is always the problem and seems always to happen when the weather is cold hope this may help

Mike Phipps  | 10.04PM, Saturday 20 February

If the fuel has gone creamy that would cause problems,you would have to drain the whole system and use new fuel.Otherwise check heater plugs,fuel filters,fuel pump,or injectors.

gaz bee  | 11.11AM, Monday 22 February

Thanks for the Answers
Found out what it was
feel realy stupid it was the engine stop cable had not gone right back into it's outer cable
but it's nice to know there are people out there to offer help
thanks again

Jim Bratt  | 9.30PM, Monday 22 February

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