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how good are axiom propellers

thinkinking of purchasing a axiom prop for my 58ft narrow boat

Asked by: michael deacon  | 12.47pm, Sunday 21 February

WW says:

I can only refer you to the articles I wrote in WW, after testing the propellors twice- once on a narrowboat on the Nene (where to props were swapped over) and when we tested it on two identical Alvechurch hireboats- one with standard prop and one with an Axiom.
In my opinion, from the tests, there was a marked improvement in the handling of the boat with the Axiom, especially the wash, reversing power and confined space handling. Those who have bought an Axiom that I have spoken to sing their praises- including those who have "Traditional" boats, with slow running engines.
I am sure readers will have comments on that- but the articles are available for download (I think) from this site, if you don't have the back copies.

Mark Langley  | 1.19PM, Sunday 21 February

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