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battery water

could you please explain why my battery water is dark brown to black.I found this when i did a hydrometer test.also thanks for your last info on batteries.

Asked by: mick turner  | 10.57am, Thursday 25 February

WW says:

Is it just one of the cells that has the black water or all of them? If it is just one, is the specific gravity in that cell much lower than the rest?
If it is, I suspect that the cell is defective and the battery will have to be scrapped. Either way, it does not sound good.

Graham Booth  | 9.48AM, Tuesday 2 March

It does sound like the cells have collapsed- the dark colour is lead/antimony sulphides and oxides... and they shouldn't be free in the water to discolour it. I agree with Graham, that, if the hydrometer reading differ between the cells, then the battery is probably on its way out, if not already there.

Mark Langley  | 10.04PM, Tuesday 2 March

Readers say:

yes three at at least and the others coloured slightly, thanks for info.I guess now her in doors hair do will have to wait.

mick turner  | 10.12AM, Tuesday 2 March

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