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Naming a narrowboat

If I buy a used narrowboat, and don't like it's name how easy is it to change it?

Asked by: Steve  | 12.12pm, Friday 26 February

WW says:

Very easy - you just need to tell British Waterways (or other authority, depending where you moor) and make sure your boat is painted accordingly. There's no superstition as there is on the sea.
On the Thames, though, no two boats can have the same name, so you might have to add a number at the end if your chosen name is already taken.

Richard Fairhurst  | 3.58PM, Friday 26 February

Readers say:

Just to be safe as to superstitions part use plenty of rum. Take a drink, pour some over the old name. Take a drink. Remove any and all references to the old name that may be aboard the boat. Take as many drinks during this labor as seems necessary. Take a drink. Scrape off the old name. Pour some rum over the scraped off bit. Take a drink. Have somewho hasn't been drinking paint on the new name. After the paint dries pour some more rum over the new name. Take as many more drinks as is possible. After you come too take a few more drinks. After you recover go for a sail.

Michael Howatt  | 11.40AM, Sunday 28 February

No problem we hcanged ours by informing the Environmental Agency when we registered and applied for our river licence.

edward Connolly  | 3.28PM, Monday 1 March

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