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BBC PBS show, poet barge

A while back Public tv here in yankeeland aired a program of a man also a poet who took a journey by barge and put the journey and his poetry together quite nicely. I would like to find a copy of that show but no one at BBC or PBS or anywhere else admits to knowing what I'm talking about. How about you?
Thanks and warmest regards
Michael Howatt

Asked by: Michael Howatt  | 9.11am, Sunday 28 February

Readers say:

Hi Mr Howatt,
It might be a long shot but i think you might be talking about Terry and Monica Darlington and Jim the Whippet Dog.Who undertook a Narrowboat Journey on their Narrowboat 'Phyllis May'
They were featured on a programme on The Discovery Realtime channel on Sky TV,called Waterworld. Which followed their fasinating journey from Britain to Carcassonne.If you go to www.narrowdog.com, you will find a bit more imformation about them.
Mr Darlington wrote a book about his travels and during the progamme, he reads extracts from his book.Which l would say did sound a bit poetic.I hope that has been some help for you.Good luck on your search.

Sarah Martella  | 9.38AM, Wednesday 3 March

Alas no. But thank you for your answer. I just looked at the link and it is interesting. The barge in the story I mean was a working boat. They'd loaded it with lumber I think to kind of engender days gone by.

Michael Howatt  | 10.18PM, Wednesday 3 March

Hi Mr Howatt,
Can you remember any other detail about the programme you are looking for.Was the poet portrayed, in black and white when he was talking.You have me puzzled now!

Sarah Martella  | 12.53PM, Monday 8 March

Thank you Sarah, for your interest. I think most of the poetry was just recited as they went along as a voiceover. But some might have been as you say a seperate screen. There was also the normal conversation of the trip. I remember there was more than one person on the barge probably 2 or 3. There was one scene where they got onto a canal not used in a long time and he talked about the area, very overgrown, as being too wild to be comfortable or to want to stay in. Another scene where they were crossing a big lake it was late everyone was tired and worn out, and they couldn't wait to get somewhere they could tie up. Also I think it might not have been a narrowboat, but it did have a tiller rather than a wheel

Michael Howatt  | 11.11PM, Monday 8 March

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