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Marine Battery chareger

Can anyone tell me what size marine battery charger i would need to be able to charge 2x 180amp leisure batteries.Wat amperage output would i need and can anyone recomend one and where to get it.

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 3.26pm, Monday 1 March

WW says:

There are several rules of thumb - 10% or 15% of the number of Amp/hours in the battery bank - but it really depends on your personal needs.
A smaller charger will not stress your batteries so they should last longer but it will take much longer to charge them. A bigger charger will take less time but your batteries may not last so long.
If you only require the charger to maintain the batteries to prevent them sulphating while the boat is not being used, a 20amp charger is probably big enough.
If you live on the boat and need to replace the charge more quickly, a 50amp or bigger charger may be more suitable.
Which ever size you choose, make sure it is a multi stage charger as this will be able to monitor your batteries and give them the optimum charge.

Graham Booth  | 6.48PM, Monday 1 March

Readers say:

I have sourced a jump start unit for starting flat batteries .I have a 2.8kw petrol generator.
Will my generator be powerful enough to use as a mains supply to the jump start unit .
Details :-Portable 12-volt power pack with 1001 uses. This high capacity compact, rechargeable unit will go anywhere to start an engine
400amp starting boost 900 amps peak .Mains or 12v supply required.

edward Connolly  | 4.24PM, Tuesday 2 March

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