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Chimney collar seal

Hello After having my stove lit for a few days last month (very cold weather)after about 24hrs a black liquid started to run down the insde of the flue pipe. I can only think this may be tar leaking through the seal between the chimney flue pipe and the collar where the chimnry pot fits.Can anyone advise what should be used for this seal so i could renew it. Or if anyone has similar problems.

Asked by: neil  | 11.13pm, Monday 1 March

Readers say:

it does sound like tar and the the product is called plumba sealant should get it from most chandlers,when ours went we found that there was a hole in the flue hidden by the collar could be worth a look as you will have dig the old sealant out,but our flue was 10 years old

mick turner  | 10.33AM, Tuesday 2 March

I will assume that the black condensate is running down the inside of the steel chimney and leaking out on to the roof.
Steel chimneys on narrowboats need to be removable so a permanent sealer won't be satisfactory. The cure that I use is to insert a liner which fits inside the roof casting. This reduces condensate because you have a double chimney which stys hotter but also has the effect of making any condensate run back down inside the flue towrds the stove where it will be dried off or burnt.
YOu can buy the liners at chandlers.

Nicholas Cooke  | 7.22AM, Friday 12 March

Thanks for the answers, on closer inspection i do think the collar flue joint will need resealing . We have also suffered from tar running down the outside and staining paint work so fitting a liner should help. Then i presume a single skin chimney would be ideal with the liner fitted ?.

neil  | 8.35PM, Friday 12 March

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