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Boat leasing

I would like to rent a 57 foot narrowboat for 6-8 weeks during June and July to see whether I like the lifestyle prior to buying one and cruise continually. Can anyone recommend the best way to do this please and what to look out for?

Asked by: Michael Hammill  | 6.54pm, Tuesday 2 March

Readers say:

We hired a 35ft 'cheap & cheerful' cruiser for 1 week & were smitten! We then bought a twelfth share in an 'Ownerships' boat, and sold that 3 years later & bought our own boat.
I would very highly recommend contacting Ownerships - they have some truly magnificent options available.

John Paxton  | 8.05PM, Tuesday 2 March

Try Ahby boats they have some nice boats http://www.ashbyboats.com/Ashbinfo.htm

Derek  | 1.24PM, Wednesday 3 March

If you are planning to cruise continually (live aboard?) then it might be wise to hire a boat in the winter months rather than summer.
Good luck with it.

Dave Cleaver  | 8.55AM, Friday 5 March

answer one says it - a week should do it. You'll know, then it's when? and how do I pay for it?.Read every thing you can, talk to other boaters, ask - we've found nothing but kindness and fun and adventure for two years. It's not cheap,in saying that there all levels - Shiny boat people, retired, hirers, etc, etc be open minded, it all adds to the mix - but the positives FAR outweigh the negatives.

ann melloy  | 8.35PM, Tuesday 9 March

try looking at the attached, maybe a holiday swap with a boat owner would be better

lyn hanby  | 4.53PM, Wednesday 10 March

Thank you to all who have answered. I will look into all the suggestions.

Michael Hammill  | 5.32PM, Wednesday 10 March

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