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dock size

Can I tie down a 26ft long boat to a 20 ft long dock? the dock is at the end of a canal. Thanks,

Asked by: Marisa Feito  | 6.55pm, Monday 8 March

Readers say:

To do this is not easy. The problem is that you will not have a proper lead on the head and sternlines and will have to put up with springs from bow and stern.
AS with all things it depends on the circumstances. Wind and current will make at difference as to the watches that you would need to set. You say that you are at the end of a canal. Does this mean that you are on the canal? If you are, then current will not be a problem and your decision depends on the forecast for the wind.
Are you intending to leave the boat, or can you set continuous watches?

Nicholas Cooke  | 7.16AM, Friday 12 March

Hi Nick,
Thank you for your help. The dock and boat will be in our backyard. We are restricted to 20ft dock. We are protected where we are but the winds can be very strong -- especially during hurricane season. Thanks again!

Marisa Feito  | 3.41PM, Friday 12 March

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