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sterilize a stainless steel tank

what would you use to sterilize a stainless steel water tank

Asked by: lynda.holgate@ntlworld.com  | 2.10pm, Thursday 11 March

WW says:

Your best bet is a solution of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)- which has been discussed in previous questions and in the magazine as an articel by me, as a downloadable PDF.
The concentration of chlorine (from thin domestic bleach) is correctly done, will sterilise the tank, without causing any damage (pitting) to the stainless steel. However, using powdered chlorine products, and not dissolving them fully before adding to the tank, may cause problems.
Other chemicals (including silver nitrate/silver oxide) are available, however, they are not as effective as chlorine/chloramine. The MCGA only approves chlorine disinfection for ships water tanks and pipeworks, as it has the widest microbial efficiency of treatments available.
The quantities are important, so I would try and download the article, along with the instructions.
Hope that is a good starting point.

Mark Langley  | 9.33PM, Thursday 11 March

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