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how to overcome Faraday effect?

I will shortly become narrowboat owner and live aboard part of the year. I will be working and coms are imporant. How can I enhance reception of broadband and mobile signals? Are there any tried and tested aerials on the market? Any idea of costs? Where to buy them?

Asked by: Sandy Wetton  | 6.57pm, Friday 20 June

WW says:

The simplest answer for a broadband modem is to get a long USB cable, loop it out the window, and put the modem on the roof! A plastic 'poly-pocket' will even let you use it in the rain.

For a more permanent solution, and one that will work with mobile phones too, take a look at the products of the Boaters Phone Company (www.boatersphone.com). They produce a range of booster antennae and similar products for most commonly available makes. Bear in mind that the popular USB broadband 'dongles' do not generally have an external antenna socket, though.

Richard Fairhurst  | 2.43PM, Monday 23 June

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