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Waterproofing windows

Several of my anodised aluminium square windows and portholes are leaking, so I am planning to remove and reseal them. Do you have any tips on how to do this, especially what is the best sealer? Is bathroom silicon sealer suitable? I understand that you unscrew the window from the outside so that the outer and inner parts of the window then separate? Many thanks.

Asked by: Philip Dale  | 11.35am, Friday 12 March

Readers say:

3M do a product called caulking it is a grey flexabile bead of sealer about 6mm diamiter and 200mm long approx 100 in a box perfect for this job.if you remove the windows you just place a continious strip around the window replace the windows after tightening up any excess can be removed to leave a watertight seal.you can buy from any good motor factors that sell car paint.hope this helps.

Barry  | 8.45AM, Sunday 14 March

Presumably this is a kind of beading which becomes compressed to make the seal. Does it have glue on it to hold it in place? Is it also necessary to use silicon sealer?

Philip Dale  | 6.19PM, Monday 15 March

As an alternative: when I resealed the windows on Jess I used a self adhesive sealing tape. This is a foam, rectangular in cross section with one side sticky (you strip off release paper) and attach this to the window before offering it up to the window hole on the boat. I obtained a roll from our local chandler, who advised against using a silicone sealant which can make subsequent removal of the window difficult should that ever be necessary. In belt and braces tradition, to ensure a good seal I also ran paint round the outside edge of the strip after fitting the window. So far (!!!!) we've had no leaking windows since reseating them five years ago.
If you have a copy of February 2006 WW it's in that, or if you are interested you can download the article 'Transformed Pt2' on this website.
Whichever method you end up using, good luck fitting it, and I hope it's successful!

Michael Minifie  | 11.08AM, Friday 19 March

sorry for the delay in answering you question philip i have been working away. yes 3m caulking is sticky and compresses when you tighten your windows back in.

Barry  | 8.01PM, Tuesday 23 March

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