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seal for life batteries or top up type

having had 3 110amp per hour batteries on my boat for the last 5 years. I feel they have lasted well being helped by a good battery management and solar panel charging system. However this last year I feel the bateries have started to fail. Due to positioning of batteries it is quite a problem to top them up. Sealed for life batteries seem a good idea but will they cope with the marine charging system and can you explain how they can be maintained in tip top condition if they are sealed, can I expect them to last at least as long as my top up ones have.

Asked by: adrian hambleton  | 7.27pm, Friday 12 March

WW says:

Maintenance free batteries should be designed to ensure that the electrolyte does not evaporate or, if it does, that it condenses and returns to the battery cells. In theory, they are the answer to a boater's prayer.
However, if the battery is charged excessively or used in abnormally warm conditions, the electrolyte can be driven off so that the tops of the plates are exposed. When this occurs, you may be lucky enough to find filler caps under a cover to enable you to top up the cells. If not, the battery has to be scrapped.
My own batteries are of the type that can be topped up and they have lasted considerably longer than five years. When the time comes to replace them, I would be very reluctant to do this with the maintenance free type.

Graham Booth  | 10.05PM, Friday 12 March

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