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can you re-register a boats registered name to a new name, how and at what cost

Asked by: paul paintin  | 3.54pm, Saturday 13 March

WW says:

I presume by "re-register", you are talking about boat licensing on British Waterways? If so, it is not technically registering (that was the Canal Boats Act!) but licensing- and it is just a simple paper-filling exercise -with, at most, a £15 charge for replacement licence discs. Just contact BW or look on their website.
Environment Agency waters are slightly different (as no two boats can have the same name, on the Thames at least) and you would be best contacting the EA.
If you mean registration under the Merchant Shipping Act, then it depends if it has full registration or is on the Small Ships Register. In this case, you will need to contact the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (www.mcga.gov.uk) for their advice.

Mark Langley  | 9.14AM, Sunday 14 March

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