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Renting canal boats

Do you know of any where that rents narrow boats long term? Cant find ANY! Looking to rent for one maybe two years.
Many thanks

Asked by: natasha  | 8.13pm, Wednesday 17 March

WW says:

Alas, I know of no long-term hire companies that currently operate- those that I have come across no longer hire.
You might be able to persuade a company to hire you a boat for a long length of time, but I fear the cost would be astronomical. What about purchasing a boat for that time- the costs then would (provided you were sensible)be much lower than a comparative hire.
For what reasons are you looking to hire- as purchase (of even a small cruiser) might be far more cost-effective than a very long term hire.

Mark Langley  | 9.27AM, Monday 22 March

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