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supliers of solar panels

have you a list of supliers of solar panels suitable for narrow boat use

Asked by: D A LINDSAY  | 8.59am, Tuesday 23 March

WW says:

Choosing the right type of panel first is important- then an internet trawl will probably be your best bet. Although most chandleries on the canals and rivers sell them, they are often not the cheapest. Some of the "marine" versions sold are incredibly expensive, while some sold on online auction sites can be poor quality.
Wind and Sun Ltd (www.windandsun.co.uk)have been recommended as a good starting point by a number of readers in the past- the information on the site is extremely good and quite unbiased.
What are you wanting the solar panels to do? For just topping up the batteries between visits to the boat, or stopping the batteries discharging- or maybe supporting a live-aboard electrical requirements?
Depending what you want, think about the realistic amount of power you will need, then consider how effective the panels are in typical light conditions. A 50W panel will not normall give 50W output in the UK under any circumstances... and far far less in winter (when more power is needed...!)

Mark Langley  | 5.02PM, Wednesday 24 March

Readers say:

Hi try the site kahawi.co.uk this has a good write up and info on solar panels also energyenv.co.uk is a good source of info

r martin  | 1.32PM, Saturday 27 March

Onboard Solar professionally fit solar systems to narrowboats for a fixed fee which includes everything you need. The work is done by an ex boat builder and boat safety examiner and is a professional job. www.onboardsolar.co.uk

Baddie the Pirate  | 7.12PM, Wednesday 15 August

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