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can I use a 240 volt fridge

is it feasable to use a normal 240 volt fridge on a boat through an inverter and how would I work out the power consumption into 12 volt

Asked by: M Thomas  | 9.30pm, Saturday 21 June

Readers say:

Yes it is - lots of folks do. T calculate the power required you have to divide the rated power consumption of the fridge (usually about 60 watts) by 12 to give the power required in amps and adjust it for the efficiency (inefficiency !) of the inverter, say 80% -

for example 60 divided by 12 = 5amps divided again by .8 = 6.25 amps AVERAGE current required.

Bear in mind that domestic fridges consume more power than units modified specifically for boats / camper use. You would be advised to go for an "A" class unit in any event.

TrueBlue  | 1.08PM, Sunday 22 June

Thanks, will start looking for one now. our inverter is only 1000 watt. do you think it will be enough or do we need a bigger one.

M Thomas  | 7.27PM, Monday 23 June

No problem, have used a domestic 240v fridge on my boat for over 5 years, have 330 amphour in battery, never had a problem. Left the boat for 5 days, fridge still ok upon return.

Alfred Overton  | 11.16PM, Friday 4 July

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