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Narrow Boat interior

During the summer i had my narrow boat saloon re lined with oak faced ply boards.It looked very nice with a gloss finish.
I have today visited my boat after the three month had elapsed since the work was carried out and was depressed to find that some areas of the board had gone almost black in colour on the port side only.one area was under a window
Has anyone experienced this and can the board be sanded down to remove the discolouration or perhaps sanded down and stained .Would be interested to know the cause and how to first repair the damege and then to prevent a reccurence

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 7.07pm, Tuesday 23 March

WW says:

Hello Edward
Sorry to hear that you are having troubles. Oak is very liable to turn black if its allowed to get wet, I suggest that this should be the first thing you investigate. It's possible to bleach the black out to some extent if this is the cause. The first consideration being to detect and seal any water leaks.

Mike Jordan  | 7.47PM, Wednesday 24 March

Hello Edward
The bleach normally used is oxalic acid which is purchased in crystal form from the chemists.It's toxic and needs to be handled carefully but it works well in most instances. If you look it up on the net you should find comprehensive instructions on how to mix and use it.

Mike Jordan  | 11.35PM, Wednesday 24 March

Readers say:

Hi Mike
thaqnks for the info.The boards were black near my chimney for the boats diesle fire and one of the windows in the galley that i found had blocked water drains.
how would i actually go about using bleach .Do you mean ordinary house bleach and apply with a brush ? regards

edward Connolly  | 8.41PM, Wednesday 24 March

if you can afford it I would replace the mouldy sections,but first find were the damp is coming from,is there proper ventilation circulating, that is a consideration.The problem with mould is the spores,forevevr cleaning with a bleach type substance will only whiten the problem,so it will look as though you have solved the problem which in effect is a waste of time

gaz bee  | 4.44PM, Thursday 25 March

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