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compressor driven air horn

In April's edition on sound sinals there is a picture of an air horn. Have you details of make and where obtainable from please?

Asked by: David Brixey  | 7.02pm, Wednesday 24 March

WW says:

Air horns are obtainable from any chandler- there are two main types.
One uses a non-refillable caniister (often pressurised with butane or nitrogen!) and the other type can be recharged with a bike pump, giving about 80 blasts per charge. The latter type is called an "Ecoblast".
They are around the �£5 to �£12 mark, from any chandler- take a look online at most chandlers, either canal based, or sea ones.
An alternative, is a mouth powered horn, which can be attached to a bellow-type footpump, and can be very loud as well!
Be aware that on large commercial navigations, that any "car type" horn (simple diaphragm), as ofen fitted to narrowboats, is almost useless- so an air horn is a useful back-up!
Compressor type airhorns are much louder, and come at different frequencies (different sized commercial vessels actually have requirements for different tones) but any will do for inland craft.
Most large seagoing chandlers will be able to supply these- Vetus make them,for example, but you might find a equally good, compressor based one, in a car accessories shop. River chandlers will usually stock them as well.

Mark Langley  | 8.04PM, Wednesday 24 March

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