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Section 8

I'm looking for a cheap as chips boat,any ideas were section 8 narrowboats end up,and what is the direction and advice into obtaining such a craft.

Asked by: gaz bee  | 2.43pm, Thursday 25 March

WW says:

Some Section 8 boats are sold via the GoIndustry auction website. In the past BW has also used classified ads in WW. We'd suggest you contact British Waterways at enquiries.hq@britishwaterways.co.uk for details on where the latest are. Bear in mind that BW usually scraps boats worth under £1,000, judging that the cost of sale would not make it worthwhile reselling them.
Our usual advice on buying a secondhand boat would be "always get a survey" - but, that said, a survey will typically cost around £600, and this might not be economic if you can get a "cheap as chips" cruiser for around £2,000 or so. Your call! At the very least, make sure that the boat has recently had a valid Boat Safety Certificate.

Richard Fairhurst  | 2.36PM, Monday 29 March

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