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Supplementary Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Richard Fairhurst recently recommended that I should buy 12v pure-sine inverter (Sterling's 200W model) to run my Apple MacBook (in addition to my existing quasi sine wave inverter). Richard - I hope this isn't a silly question, but, how would I connect it - directly to the domestic batteries or could it be daisy chained somehow into the existing system?

Asked by: Mike Brown  | 9.39pm, Saturday 27 March

WW says:

I am sure Richard won't mind me answering this one...!
Daisy chaining is a definated "no"! It can cause all manner of problems- so directl connecting (via the main fuse panel, or with a dedicated in-line fuse, if the panel can't accept the current required- around a 20A fuse (possible 30A slow-blow- depending on recomendation).
Then, either run a dedicated line, or put the inverter near where you want the supply (or be prepared to run a 230V extension lead every time you use it). Remember, the cable runs needed for the 12V side could be expensive- too thin a cable, and the inverter will sense the voltage drop and cut out early.
Hope that helps.

Mark Langley  | 8.03PM, Sunday 28 March

Readers say:

Thanks Mark for your reply - I found it very helpful

Mike Brown  | 11.57PM, Sunday 28 March

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