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pumpout or cassette toilets which are the most popular.soon to be new boaters

Asked by: hedley muff  | 4.47pm, Tuesday 6 April

WW says:

That could be seen as the million-dollar boating question!
Much boils down to your preferences. Can you cope with emptying your own (hopefully treated) sewage? Many boaters like their toilets to be as close to "normal" domestic ones as possible, so go for pump out systems. Holding tanks can be large, enough to cover a few weeks in some cases.
However, the cost of pumpouts, the smell from many systems and the almost impossibilty of emptying them completely (I speak from having removed tanks from several boats...) does put off many. Also, in winter, not all pumpout stations are open.
You could buy a DIY pumpout kit, but not all stations accept them (and you then have to flush and roll the hose up again...)
Casette toilets (almost the "norm" for caravans and motorhomes) have to be emptied yourself, but are far easier to clean, and to unblock when the inevitable happens...
You do have to face the consequences of your own sewage up close, and capacity is limited to around 21 litres of waste. Spare tanks can be bought, but consideration of storage is important. Usually free to empty though.
Virtually everyone will have a personal preference- and, having experienced all manner of systems, I do- but in the end, it is what you want from you loo and what you can cope with!
Just bear in mind, as one previous WW Team member stated "whatever toilet system you have, at some point, you will need a pair of rubber gloves" And a strong stomach!

Mark Langley  | 11.49PM, Tuesday 6 April

Readers say:

thanks have gone for cassette.

hedley muff  | 6.22PM, Tuesday 13 April

Good choice.I've had boats with both; mostly used as week-enders. The pump-out was very smelly and involved a trip up-river every time we needed to empty. Cassette with a spare cassette was fine. When the cassette is ful just swap over and the full one can be emptied 'at your convenience'. Time between emptyings can be eked out by the time honoured method of 'bucket 'n' chuckit' for liquid effluvia.

Graham Pierce  | 6.52PM, Tuesday 18 May

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