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winding at Oxford

I am planning a trip from Welton Hythe to Oxford and back again and obviously will need to wind at Oxford. Nicholsons is some help, Google Earth too, but I am a tad confused as to where I can wind...below Isis Lock perhaps???....and where is a good place to moor overnight closish to the city centre???

Asked by: peter west  | 10.08pm, Thursday 8 April

Readers say:

Coming down the Oxford Canal you will find a winding hole for a boat of less than 50' just before Isis lock. If your boat is longer, simply lock down onto the River Thames where there is ample room to turn any boat.
However, beware if river conditions are anything other than calm. Apparently, many first-timers have fallen into the trap of putting their bow into the stream resulting in a complete loss of control and their boat racing sideways down the Thames!
The trick is to immediately put the bow into the bank and let the stream turn the stern for you. I know, I've just done it.
There is a short arm of canal that goes further, perhaps 500m, into the town which is lined with residential boats. Unless you boat is really short, your reversing skills will be tested to the maximum!

Steve James  | 9.56AM, Wednesday 14 April

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