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Washing line pole holder for tiller bar

I saw an attachment that you could buy for your tiller bar in the magazine so that you can put up a rotary clothes line on your boat, where can we buy one?

Asked by: Rachel Rice  | 8.49am, Friday 9 April

Readers say:

I am sure that these devices are very useful for anyone needing to dry washing but please spare a thought for recreational canal users who do not want their view of the beautiful countryside spoilt but a line of smalls fluttering in the breeze.

Andrew Schmidt  | 6.49PM, Friday 9 April

Yes Andrew but you haven't seen our sexy smalls have you!!!!!. We actually live on our boat and have a life on the canal which we love. drying clothes is part of real life and if there is another way of drying them without the visual impact please let us know. Apart from that do you know where we can buy an attachment? because we now have a canal baby and as you can imagine they create loads of washing. Jeff & Rach..

Rachel Rice  | 8.49AM, Saturday 10 April

have just seen what you are looking for its on page 153 in mays waterways world and don't worry about hanging out your washing its normal for people who stay clean

mick turner  | 3.40PM, Tuesday 13 April

hi! not like our land neighbours who wash once a week!! bedding once every 6 weeks not nice toni

toni  | 10.35PM, Tuesday 1 June

Hi, just discovered this excellent website. Can anyone tell me what year the article refers to? thanks

Linda McLaughlin  | 7.01PM, Sunday 27 June

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