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leisure batteries

what are the best leisure batteries and is there an advanage in having 135 amps over 110 when we seem to run out of power in the late evening

Asked by: D A LINDSAY  | 2.32pm, Monday 12 April

WW says:

The capacity of a battery is measured in amp/hours and two popular sizes are 110a/h and 135a/h.
All things being equal, a 135a/h battery should give you power for a longer period of time than a 110a/h battery but only if your electrical system is capable of charging it fully. It is no use having an enormous battery bank if it is only ever 70% charged.
If you are running out of power every evening, your charging system may need to be improved - possibly by adding a battery management system. Alternatively, you may be trying to get too much out of the system, in which case you could try being more frugal with lighting which takes a surprising amount of power.
There are three commonly-used types of leisure battery - lead acid, gel and AGM (absorbed glass mat). Lead acid are the cheapest to buy and may prove to be the most economic provided you take the trouble to maintain them properly. The other two types may be better in some situations but they are expensive.
This year's Waterways World Annual has an article on electrical systems and this should give you some more ideas on how to avoid running out of power.

Graham Booth  | 6.30PM, Monday 12 April

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