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Moving a narrowboat from Lincoln to Bedford.

A route planner maped it via the Wash is this possible or not advisable?

Asked by: Trevor James Lewinton  | 11.33pm, Tuesday 13 April

WW says:

If you are in a narrowboat, the answer would usually be a "definately not advisable". Experienced boaters have done the trip, but it requires not just the normal knowledge and understanding of tidal waterways, but the ability to navigate to at least RYA Day Skipper standard (and have done some real time navigating at sea). The boat would have to be very well equipped indeed, and, if over 45', would have to ensure it conforms to MCGA regulations for safety equipment.
Pilots can be engaged, but the wash is not always the friendliest of places to cruise, with shifting sandbanks and channels and, for inland boats, usually requires at least one period at anchor or beached.
For a widebeam boat it is probably the only way to get to Bedford, until the new Fens link is fully opened.
If you need more information, then please let us know.

Mark Langley  | 10.22PM, Sunday 18 April

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