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Split battery charging

We run a charity trip boat which is having trouble driving the second alternator and wish to just run off the primary alternator to charge the engine & domestic batteries. We propose to buy a Sterling PSR122 split charger. Are we likely to run into any problems when we come to fit it?

Asked by: Duncan Paine  | 11.28am, Monday 19 April

WW says:

Most split chargers are very easy to fit, and you will have all the wiring in place already. Just make sure that where you position the unit is fairly dry (although the split charge unit is waterproof, its good practice to avoid them getting damp, to avoid current straying between connections).
Good luck! The zero voltage drop splitter is better than most simple split charge diodes and they work very well.

Mark Langley  | 1.20PM, Monday 19 April

Readers say:

Thank you

Duncan Paine  | 1.33PM, Monday 19 April

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