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Matt paint for gunwales to rubbing strakes

It has been suggested to me to use matt black paint for the gunwales down to the rubbing strakes, rather than gloss, to ease touching up of this frequently damaged area. Can you recommend a suitable paint, and are there other considerations?

Asked by: Gordon Lane  | 1.44pm, Sunday 25 April

WW says:

This seems a very good suggestion to me. The 'topbend' is one of the most vulnerable areas of the boat and painting it in gloss paint is just asking for a load of heartache.
If the hull below the rubbing strake is painted in Comastic or a similar modified vinyl pitch, you could consider continuing this up to the gunwale. As well as giving the boat a more purposeful look, it would protect the steelwork from the weather very well. It would be a good idea to contact the manufacturer for advice on how to prepare the gloss painted surface to ensure that it stays on.

Graham Booth  | 11.29AM, Monday 26 April

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