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Boat toilet

I currently have a pump out toilet on my narrowboat.
It required pumping out after four days use with 3 of us on board.i am considering getting a cassette type.I have seen a porta potti with 21ltr waste tank can anyone tell me how these stack up against a pumpout. does the cassette seperate from the toilet when needing emptying as my old caravan model did not have a tank had to carry it to the elsan.

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 5.06pm, Friday 30 April

WW says:

The Porta Potti 365 (or 465 with electric flush) are self contained units- not, technically, cassette toilets. Cassette toilets are fitted, with the tank removeable through the bulkhead.
However, replacing a pumout tank with a portable loo (such as a porta potti) is very cost effective. The bottom of the tank detaches from the bowl (the upper section, containing the bowl, also has the fresh water tank).
The bottom section can then be easily emptied at an elsan point. It is worth buying a spare bottom tank, if you have room to store it, as it makes life a bit easier.
If you look at Thetford's website, there is more information about their products and how to use them. It also gives information about their cassette models as well. www.thetford-europe.com/
Any further issues, please let us know!

Mark Langley  | 11.57AM, Saturday 1 May

I should also add, that for 3 people, the tank would most likely need emptying every day or so; hence the comment about carrying a spare tank! However, on costs of pumpouts, they can pay for themselves in a season, if you use the boat a lot.

Mark Langley  | 12.02PM, Saturday 1 May

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